Monday, 14 June 2010

acoustic / paramore

heres one of my favorite bands paramore, discovered them first from the twlight soundtrack and then get there album,, absoloustly love them

cause this whole blog is going to be acoustic songs here's some from Paramore


heres a cover they did for radio1 live lounge,, check out the whole album, maybe heavy for some but the acoustic stuff you cant go wrong

i love this track so much

now onto an album i must buy before i go away ministry of sound acoustic album have picked out a few tracks for ya to hear enjoy :)

heres a ten min preview of the album if ya intrested

this is turning out to be a long one lol.. but i have to post this and you must if dont have it already buy this album

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

sammy shuffle

so im gonna put up a few different tracks, shuffled like ya ipod :)

just cause this is a classic an amazing.

love that song.

ok this one is a cover but i think she sings it, dont hate me for saying abit better then christina
 check the rest of her videos her voice is amazing!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

i good chill out night time kinda song, dont watch the random video attached to it lol

kinda enjoying this little writing thing :)

dream big

It's a mistake Lyrics as requested

(The Flying Rasmark Brothers/C. Mason)

Reaching for your pillow,
Still I can't believe
You're across the city
Instead of here.

I remember our decision,
But I'm less sure now how we could agree
When I miss you and you me.

Don't call it a break,
It's a mistake;
Baby, you're all I'm thinking of,
Falling asleep,
Praying to wake and find you lying with me.
Don't call it a break,
'Cause it's a mistake;
It's obvious we're in love,
Since I can't let go of you,
And you won't let go of me.

Start to dial your number,
Then I disconnect;
Will you phone? I wonder -
You haven't yet.

PRE 2:
Though I know we're not supposed to,
If we don't, then there's nothing we can do
When you miss me and I you.

MID 8:
I'll admit it, I was wrong,
I want you back where you belong;
I'll be glad to take the blame.

It doesn't matter who was right
If I'm without you every night;
Tell me you don't feel the same.

We can't afford to be confused…
There is much too much to lose.
So don't call it a break…

  It's a Mistake by samtayloruk

1st post

hey, guess because im listening to this right now i will start with this , i know its old but i do love it

i just wish Leightons music was available in the uk.. i dont see why not, she would sell a few records from her GG following alone.

ok this next one i recently was a guest blogger/judge panel for a blog site and this was one of the songs i reviewed
its so cheesey it makes it great lol, and the video is funny, although the first min i was abit like wtf but here you go

ok i think this next one is my summer anthem

just amazing , i love it... imagine cocktails sunsets and this song.



 (albums i have been listening to)



Danity Kane-Danity Kane

ok so i dunno if you will enjoy this they aint new hits, but just thought i would right down what interests me atm..

if ya wanna hear any of my music head to my myspace.

and 2 new tracks on sound cloud

peace and love