Monday, 7 June 2010

1st post

hey, guess because im listening to this right now i will start with this , i know its old but i do love it

i just wish Leightons music was available in the uk.. i dont see why not, she would sell a few records from her GG following alone.

ok this next one i recently was a guest blogger/judge panel for a blog site and this was one of the songs i reviewed
its so cheesey it makes it great lol, and the video is funny, although the first min i was abit like wtf but here you go

ok i think this next one is my summer anthem

just amazing , i love it... imagine cocktails sunsets and this song.



 (albums i have been listening to)



Danity Kane-Danity Kane

ok so i dunno if you will enjoy this they aint new hits, but just thought i would right down what interests me atm..

if ya wanna hear any of my music head to my myspace.

and 2 new tracks on sound cloud

peace and love


  1. a sam taylor blog? Loving it! Don't feel silly :) Nice pic at the top... how many lockers do you need?!

  2. Love this. Harajuku girls are amazing