Monday, 7 June 2010

It's a mistake Lyrics as requested

(The Flying Rasmark Brothers/C. Mason)

Reaching for your pillow,
Still I can't believe
You're across the city
Instead of here.

I remember our decision,
But I'm less sure now how we could agree
When I miss you and you me.

Don't call it a break,
It's a mistake;
Baby, you're all I'm thinking of,
Falling asleep,
Praying to wake and find you lying with me.
Don't call it a break,
'Cause it's a mistake;
It's obvious we're in love,
Since I can't let go of you,
And you won't let go of me.

Start to dial your number,
Then I disconnect;
Will you phone? I wonder -
You haven't yet.

PRE 2:
Though I know we're not supposed to,
If we don't, then there's nothing we can do
When you miss me and I you.

MID 8:
I'll admit it, I was wrong,
I want you back where you belong;
I'll be glad to take the blame.

It doesn't matter who was right
If I'm without you every night;
Tell me you don't feel the same.

We can't afford to be confused…
There is much too much to lose.
So don't call it a break…

  It's a Mistake by samtayloruk

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